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Mainshill Solidarity Camp

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Message from Mainshill Solidarity Camp

URGENT: No Open Cast Here! Join the fight against open cast coal mining, climate chaos and community destruction! Come to the Solidarity Camp

Last night activists occupied the site of Mainshill Wood in solidarity with communities in the UK suffering from the impacts of open casting and resisting new mines.

Scottish Coal have been given permission to mine 1.7 million tonnes of coal from Mainshill in South Lanarkshire, a decision by South Lanarkshire Council and later Scottish Ministers that enraged local residents who for years have campaigned against this mine. There are four other mines in the area, making it one of the most heavily mined areas in Europe.

This new coal mine is only one of 20 such others to have recently been given planning permission in Scotland. If we are to have any chance of limiting dangerous climate change and protecting communities from carbon-intensive industries we must take matters into our own hands.

We have taken this autonomous and free space for those who wish to create positive, creative and egalitarian solutions to ecological collapse, climate change and environmental injustice. Profiteering companies, land owners and governments will not mine for new coal here!

Support Us

We need:
People – to hold this site we need people to join us. The site has a safe spaces policy and welcomes all who share our desire to live in a space free from hierarchy, oppression, discrimination and coal mines!

Climbing equipment – any you can donate will be put to good use

Building materials – suitable bits of wood, rope, polyprop, pallets

Food – lots of it!

Money – running a camp can be expensive, if you can donate to us please do

Other equipment – head torches, tools, containers, tarps, waterproofs, sleeping bags

How to get to the camp:
Buses run to Douglas from Lanark and Hamilton. Both Lanark and Hamilton have train and bus stations and are easy to get to from either Glasgow Central Train Station or Buchannon Street Bus Station. From South of the border, going to Glasgow is the easiest way to get to Douglas. Buses from Lanark to Douglas are much more frequent!

Bus from Lanark:

The Service Number 9 (William Stokes & Sons) runs from Lanark – Glespin, stopping in Douglas (service every 49mins past each hour). Get off at the Eggerton Bridge stop just before Douglas – you’ll see the camp on your left just after the M74 underpass!

Bus from Hamilton:

The X50 (Henderson Travel – Hamilton-Glespin runs Hamilton, Interchange – Lesmahagow, Church Hall – Rigside – Douglas, leaving Hamilton at 17:05 (one service per day)

From Douglas:

The bus will stop before Douglas at Eggerton Bridge and you will see the camp on your left after the M74 underpass. If you miss this stop get off in Douglas and walk North East back up the A70 for 1km and the camp will be on yout right just before the M74.


If you hitch, the camp is right next to the M74 which runs from Glasgow to Carlisle. Get dropped of at junction 12 and walk South West down the A70 towards Douglas and the camp is a few hundred metres on your left. Happendon services are close to junction 12 – if you end up therewalk South down the B7078, turn right onto the A70 towards Douglas, which takes you under the M74 and as above.

If you need a ride…

…from somewhere close by call the site phone and we’ll try to sort you out.

Contact Us

Call the site phone on: 07806 926 040


Geordies Join Scottish Opencast Protest

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Geordies join Scottish opencast protest.

Last night members of Newcastle Climate Action joined with Scottish protesters to occupy an opencast site near the village of Douglas 30 miles south of Glasgow in an area of ancient woodland . The protesters entered the site overnight and began to construct tree houses and other defences in the threatened woodland before workers and police turned up at 8am this morning. Having secured the protest camp all work has been stopped and the police and workers have now left the site.

Troy McAvoy of Newcastle Climate Action said: ” We are happy to be able to support the people of Douglas who fought long and hard to stop this opencast. The woods are really beautiful, some of the trees are 300 years old and the area is home to otters, badgers, crossbills and songthrushes. Its a crime against the planet to destroy such habitat just to dig out more coal which will only fuel global warming. The people of Douglas have invited us to join them and we extend that welcome to any other Geordies who want to come and give their support”

The site is owned by Scottish Coal and recently won planning permission despite 700 letters of objection form local people. The ancient woodlands are being felled to create an access road for the heavy plant needed to extract 1.7million tonnes of coal and will be only be used for 5 years.

Media Contact Phil Capon 07986 758 931